Pinterest as a competitor



Beautylish is an outlet that is all about giving tips and advice on how to do things that have to do with makeup and skin care. They do this by allowing you to ask questions to experts. The experts then respond to these questions with images and/or text to help you the best that they can with your issue.

While Pinterest is not specifically for skin care and cosmetics like Beautylish, many take to Pinterest as an outlet for their creative arts. Pinterest has just about every single cute, dramatic makeup look that anyone could ever think to ask for. Pinterest is a great place to go and look up all of today’s fancy looks but not quite so keen on the natural everyday looks. Pinterest has pins that recommend certain products and tell testimonials about why this certain face wash is great for sensitive skin and how it helped clear someone’s acne. There is a natural homemade remedy for just about everything from dark circles under your eyes to surprise pimples.If someone wants to post a video Pinterest then they post a link to YouTube, another competitor for Beautylish.

Over 70 million people use pinterest with 80% of them being women ( The Topic of Skin care and cosmetics is bound to be quite an engaging topic on the site. Pinterest is very popular and Beautylish could learn from them as well as vice versa. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that thrives off of people’s ideas. It has been around since 2010.

  1. 81% of U.S. women online trust Pinterest as a source for information and advice

(source: socialmouths) This number is especially interesting when you consider the relative trustworthiness of competing networks; Facebook and Twitter lag behind at 67% and 73% respectively. Blogs match Pinterest in trustworthiness at 81%.

  1. Mothers are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest as compared to the average American

(source: Nielsen) To get more insight on this and related matters you may want to review Pew Research Center’s ‘Demographics of Social Media Users.’