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One thought on “Some great reads

  1. pmagee2

    Hey Iris,

    Great blog! I love the idea of emphasizing beauty! There’s so much beauty around us whether it be make up, nature, or even a beautiful piece of art. Just as make-up is an art form, so are plants and nature. While the latter may surround us while we are exploring outdoors, when shopping, no one can deny that make-up and beauty accessories are always nearby and can always be found at supermarkets, malls, and essentially any other place where merchandise is sold. With outdoor nature, we want to experience and capture the beauty whereas at home and when going out and being social, we want to physically be the beauty (or handsome!)
    When uploading pictures on social media, most people don’t upload photos of themselves just waking up or just finishing a hard day’s work full of physical labor; they take photos of themselves looking good as they are about to step out and have a good time. I think this is because it’s only natural for us to want to look good. Therefore, it only makes sense that individuals would utilize Beautylish to receive expert tips on how to get the most for their money and be productive with their beauty supplies. One thing I like about the outlet is that is there is expert advice given and it’s not just from amateurs. I think it’s great to hear from people who actually know what they’re talking about and not just rambling to sound coherent as many YouTubers do.

    I must say that I think Beautylish is a great outlet that will really help anyone interested in learning more about make-up and beauty tips. While I personally may not use it (given that I’m a non-make up wearing young man), I would recommend it to my mother and little sister who both insist that I get them nothing but beauty supplies for their birthdays and Christmas. I have to be honest and say while I do think the outlet is great, some people may take it too seriously just and will get really wrapped up into themselves. People forget that nature’s art was one of the first beautiful things humans enjoyed before artificial beauty supplies and products came along. Nature is calming and just great to explore overall. Nowadays, we get so wrapped up into ourselves that we forget to explore what’s around us outdoors.

    However, speaking of nature and natural beauty, have you heard of the app called Yonder? I think you should check it out! I’ve been blogging about it over the past couple of days and I think it’s great because both of our blogs deal with beauty captured. You can check it out here!

    -Patrick MaGee

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